Santanyí, a treasure in the East Coast of Mallorca

You might think that the influx of wealthy and famous real estate owners to Mallorca is concentrated in the exclusive south-west and places like Deia and Valldemossa, but this is not always true.

Santanyí, a treasure in the East Coast of Mallorca

For precisely the peace and the relaxed atmosphere of the East have, over the past ten years, lured many prominent people, who settled here or have a second home. Boris Becker has chosen Artà, a few Abba members own houses on the east coast, and Jon Bon Jovi, Julian Lennon and Emily Blunt also like to come here.

Whether for the landscape, out of curiosity or artistic interest: Santanyí is worth a visit and the best time to go there is at the weekend. Saturday is market-day in the city, so you should be there early. In this way, you can also enjoy breakfast in one of the cafes while watching the colorful hustle and bustle of one of the most beautiful markets on the island. Look at the galleries or stroll through the Market stands with a lot of curiosities.

The surrounding area, the light and the ambiance in the city seem to have been made for creative people and over the years many international artists have been lured. Nowadays, art in Santanyí is still a central part of the city and you can discover many different galleries and workshops in the narrow alleyways of the peaceful place.

There are many galleries and artisans in Santanyí and a walk through the streets is highly recommended if you are looking for a particular work of art or decoration for your home.

One of the most fascinating galleries is the “Galeria Sailer” right on the main street. In a renovated 17th-century town house, the sailor couple presents an impressive selection of pre-Columbian textiles and ancient 'Kalims', combined with modern paintings, sculptures and glass objects.

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