The well-known celebration “Es Firó” will be held on May 15 in Soller

Also in this year in Soller will be celebrated the Festivity of the Muslim and Christians.

The celebration, called “Es Firó”, takes place in remembrance for the fight in summer 1561 between the residents of Soller and Turkish-Algerian troops, which landed in the Harbour of Soller and a bay nearby, called “Ses Puntes”.

Year in and year out the young people from Soller masquerade themselves to look like the Muslims and Christians back then and than they clash each other in an battle, which the Saracen troops ahead always lost. Those battles took place between the port and the church square of Soller, where the ultimate and deciding fight happened, and the people from Soller won.

During the week before this festive day, there are cultural, sportive, musical and many other events in Soller, which you shouldn´t miss.

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