Luxury fireplaces that resemble sculptures

Luxury fireplaces that resemble sculptures

Fumideco is one of the first addresses for luxury fireplaces in Mallorca, run by Andres Massanet and his brother Toni. While Andres Massanet takes care of the installation of the furnaces, Toni Massanet advises the customers in the shop in Palma. Mallorca Gold talked to him about free-hanging stoves and Mallorca's public  Gas supply.

What are the requirements to install a free-floating fireplace in my living room?
Toni Massanet: A central  free-hanging fireplace can be installed almost anywhere, of course the room should have enough space for the fireplace to visually show off, but this is a matter of taste. Each fireplace is a custom-made, the chimney pipe is adapted to the ceiling height, roof inclination, etc. The production takes about two months, the installation on site one to two days.

Why do customers choose a wood or gas oven?
Toni Massanet: Most customers do not want to heat with a fireplace, but are looking for more of a decorative object. A  central heating is already  installed in most houses.  The wood or gas oven is a plus that gives the house more value similar to a work of art. Focus was one of the first companies to place special emphasis on design in its chimneys.  As with the  free-hanging  Gyrofocus  with  rotatable fire chamber. So you can look into the fire no matter where you sit.  

Not everywhere in Mallorca the supply of public gas is covered?
Toni Massanet: Palma is very well supplied  and also in the region of Andratx and Santa  Ponsa public gas is being installed. Fincas in the countryside without public gas connection we can put a battery out of several gas cylinders  and some houses have  a propane gas tank. By the way,  80 percent  of the customers choose a gas oven, it is  efficient and environmentally friendly.

A gas oven hardly makes any dirt, but a wood fire is more cozy?
Toni Massanet: An open wood fire eats a lot of wood and is only about 60 percent efficient. But of course  an open fire pit is attractive, a gas oven with gas flame is not enough. Even as  the development progresses, the Dutch company Faber now offers the MatriX  model.  With this gas oven  the flames  appear very realistic, LEDs are installed in the basis and  the  flame appears to come directly from the wood. The windows  of the fireplace are made of  a  special anti-reflective glass, so that reflection can´t be seen  in the  glass.

The gas oven is controlled by a remote control, can't be any easier?
Toni Massanet: With the remote control I can ignite the gas oven,  adjust the temperature and determine the flame size. For each oven there is also an app with different control programs, for example  for a random flame play.

A floating fireplace is also recommendable for a terrace?
Toni Massanet: There are several free hanging models for outdoors, also with a rotating fire chamber. All outdoor fireplaces have a weather-proof  coating in black or oxidized iron. There are also models that combine fireplace and outdoor grill.

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